Stronghold Crusader II Trailer – E3 2014

Check out this E3 2014 trailer for Stronghold: Crusader II which shows footage of the game at beta, including many of the new features that set Crusader 2 apart from the original game.

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  1. The game looks dated…like the original Age of Mythology, I would of thought that they could of at least given better textures considering what indie devs can come up with these days.

  2. Errr we are at year 2014 not 2010. Why does the units looks so shitty? I mean gameplay is priority for sure but come one….graphics should been improving not stagnant.

  3. I was happy to first see this trailer but after watching it looks a slightly better hell not even , the only major change i see are the walls and destruction of them i loved the 1st crusader and still play it to this day but the 2nd I can wait for until they should drop the price down to 10$ !

  4. i am very disapointed. first of all the trailer looks bad…
    crusader was the best game after stronghold 1 of all the series.
    this 1 is basicly crusader hd with new grafics. and the animation looks bad!!!.

  5. Just stop. Please. You basically murdered this franchise with the Stronghold 3 debacle. Just let it rest in peace while we still have some good memories left and stop this desperate Frankenstein project. 

  6. something about the music in combination makes the trailer seem boring. its a pretty game and by themselves both may be good but together i left before the trailer ended.

  7. Things I like – Co-op play. Could be interesting as it's new. The environmental effects, another cool feature and something else to keep in mind. 

    Things that worry me – Obviously how this is going to be after their Stronghold 3 fuck up. How smart the A.I. will be. How large the maps are (the skirmish maps in Crusader were extremely small). and finally will castle builder mode return?

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