Star Wars: Battlefront – E3 2014 Teaser Trailer at EA Press Conference

After years of anticipation, Star Wars: Battlefront has returned in all its nostalgic glory.

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  1. hope this game is up to star wars battlefront standers and you can be rank online as would been one best online on ps2 one if had online on ps2

  2. I never really got into the star wars games, except the force unleash now that would be a nice game to play on next gen if they made another

  3. DICE, if you fuck it up like BF4, im gonna shove a lightsaber up all of your employees asses for doing such a shitty job to a great fucking franchise.

  4. In my opinion, I think they should so make it for new gen and last gen consoles as well. Hell. Last gen hardly got any good star wars games. It better not be some Battlefield crap either. We need a nice good classis science fiction game again. Enough with all this cod and battlefield stuff.

  5. Conquest, Destructable terrain, Space battles, Customizable weapons, Rare lightsaber pickup (like battlefield 4's Barret 50 cal sniper pickup) Garrison bonuses, Commanders…. Skip out on any of these, and the Dice and EA team will be visiting my friend jabba the hutt.

  6. aww gawd.. just that 'early in-engine footage'… nice to know that there are working on it.. instead of leaving it on the shelf for dust.
    we'll see Dice.. just how much examining you done to make this better. 

  7. Online only and they have just shut down numerous games that people spent a LOT of money on, EA, you will forever be a thorn into gaming industry. Sincerely, fuck you.

  8. This game is amazing I hope it won't be a let-down and i'll pre-order it and for every one who is saying that next-gen consoles can't handle it you don't know nothing,I ensure you (because I have a PS4) that next gen consoles have the same graphics as the PS has!!!

  9. Growing up I played Star Wars battle front 2 (and super smash bros) and I would LOVE to play this game.i think it shoulda happened a while ago though.the one thing I'm confused about is,is this a remake of starwars battlefront 1? Or just a new game entirely ?

  10. #1 Who cares, DICE never gives shit abt any game campaign 
    #2 no space battle cuz Frostbite engine cant handle EA's dicks 
    #3 recycled multiplayer modes from Battlefield, cuz that's the only thing DICE CAN do
    #4 this game will be buggy when release, they will only bother to patch after release
    #5 Microtransactions will be implemented to the game, who cares? because EA
    #6 loads of DLCs planned after release who cares? because EA
    #7 who cares
    #8 who cares
    #9 who cares
    #10 who cares
    #12 who cares
    #13 Do i even have to say it? its fucking EA we're talking here! -.-

  11. I don't give a fuck what anyone says this game will not be as good as battlefront 2 no space battles and only 4 planets really ,and now FANBOYS who can't resist to kiss EA's ass are saying that it will be good some are even asking for no Jedis or sith some of you little kids need to play battlefront 2 before you try to kiss ass .

  12. It wouldn't be a battle front game with out space battles or the clone wars as well. How CAN none of the game journalists see how big a deal this actually is. The game comes with only ONE extra free map, "ooooh how fucking exciting is that!" fuck that shit, it should be a step up from Battlefront 2, not a goddamn step down, and no one should simply stand aside and accept it! DEMAND and ASK for more as consumers! We're paying full fucking price for a game that's less than it's ps2 and psp counterpart. It's a fucking sham. Don't just bend over like every gaming journalist and game company wants you too!

  13. "There is so much love and detail….". You can't do this to us and get away with it. You think you did get away with it. But you haven't.

  14. The game surprisingly looks this good! It was insane watching this for the first time wondering how all of it was possible

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