Sniper Elite III – Multiplayer and Co-Op Modes Trailer

The latest trailer for Sniper Elite 3 covers its 12 player Multiplayer and two player online co-op modes.

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  1. I REALLY hope this is better then Sniper elite 2 Multiplayer >.<.
    Every one was hiding in there fav corner and it was a sleeping contest.
    Nice to see some good explosives to use while getting mad at a sniper that can kill them all.

  2. How difficult is it to account for bullet drop? Obviously knowing the game isn't out, but from past sniper games?

  3. @***** Youre a real jerk you know that :/ I mean trolling or not, youre factually wrong in your argument about free games, and if youre serious… id probably put a bullet to my head just thinking of what your therapist writes down about you. O_O

  4. You may have free games on PC but I've never gotten a virus on my playstation. Less lag. Consoles run better and a good amount of exclusive games. Am I the peasant who relaxes on his leather couch while playing his PS4 on his 60" TV while you sit at a desk slouched over pirating games illegally or getting a virus and annoying popups with his download

  5. this game lied to us there's no online Matchmaking Co op; only you can play with your friends, which will severely restricted you in some of the modes.

  6. Do you have to beat it first to get regular coop campaign? Or how do you get campaign coop. I have the dlc and it shows coop "loadout" but the coop options are not highlighted. Thnx

  7. I just watched this trailer, on the begging you see a guy with a gillie suit can you have that suit? Cuz that's should be amazing and really stealthy

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