Sniper Elite III – Launch Trailer

Change the course of history with a single bullet in Sniper Elite III.

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  1. Is this whole game just set in the desert? The developers seem to be showcasing the same level a lot but not mixing it up with any variety of locations.

  2. sniper elite 4 takes place in 1943 italy, sniper elite v2 takes place in 1945 berlin so wat does sniper elite 3 take place in

    Edit: i found out the order
    Sniper elite 3 1942
    Sniper elite 4 1943
    Sniper elite 1 April 1945
    And sniper elite v2 April – May 1945

  3. Anyone who pays $60 for a Newer generation game on an XBOX360 or PS3 is wasting so much money, just don't buy a few games and get a cheap new generation console. You can get an XBOXOne S 1TB for $170, or a PS4 for $250-300. Shit use that Stimi for it, they are meant to help Stimulate the Economy anyways.

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