NHL 15 Game – E3 2014 Trailer at EA Press Conference

First look at NHL 15 at E3 2014.

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  1. what am I most excited about? I can fight people for no reason it's like a socially acceptable GTA! JK but i do love fighting in NHL

  2. people will still be surprised to find out that it's not the pc such a scam! I believe a little bit but again everywhere says it's the PS and XBOX by a single video, it is considered that it is on the PC, on the other hand, as can occur in abbreviations typo on the official consultation moreover nothing is confirmed: (I hope that it will be the pc but I doubt it

  3. I don't get it, why does everyone think this looks any better? There is nothing in this teaser that you can't already see and do in 14, except the cloth physics jerseys. Which will only equal a ton of youtube videos showing off funny jerseys bugs. Stop staring at the wool peeps, this game will be no different than the rest.

  4. I have a feeling that pc's written just for the reason that we have been silent because everywhere is written on everything not only for PC! 🙁

  5. Super, we wait! Addition KHL will lift game sales in times, very much we hope that it when will occur. Thanks EA.
    Супер, ждем! Добавление KHL поднимет продажи игры в разы, очень надеемся что это когда нибудь произойдет. Спасибо EA.

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