Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution – E3 2014 Trailer

Check out this E3 2014 trailer for Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution.

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  1. As long as minato gets a transformation I'll be happy. I mean he does have Kurama inside him and does go into his nine tailed fox form like naruto does (can't remember the actuall name for it 0.o)

  2. just wondering, if i just started watching shippuuden, would this "spoil" cool shit, like moves, character looks, plot bits (like seeing that certain characters are alive or something)? i like the show, and i'm just trying to be cautious

  3. I hope they bring back some of storm 1 things like slashing the button to stop from doing super atk and that u can use super atk during awaking mode

  4. screw the game i wanna see a miniseries on akatsuki origins. This is the type of stuff naruto filler arcs need to focus on

  5. What has improved on Sakura she is my favorite character and I would like her to use the healing jutsu tsunade uses in the anime and when she does it the black markings go on her face

  6. Hope it's better than ultimate ninja storm 3 that came out for pc. And hope the multiplayer gaming is better also.

  7. New graphics, same ol shit. I think Publishers have long since given up on trying. Churn it out until we are smart enough to stop buying it.

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