Madden NFL 15 Stage Demo – E3 2014

Chris dives into Madden NFL 15 to check out the updates to the player models, brand new camera mechanics, and the evolution of defense including new pass rushing mechanics, tackling mechanics and more.

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  1. Helmet Cam, Man that would be fucking awesome, Be playing as Tom Brady and look over to the wide receivers, that would be just great.

  2. I'm glad that theres actually a difference. It's still only a 19.99 upgrade being sold off for 59.99, but at least this time when i start playing the game I can see a difference. 

  3. Dude I don't want to judge a book by its cover but this game is starting to look like it will be too easy to play and that button mashing fucks will ruin it for the people who actually worked hard to become good at it…just saying

  4. I don't really like madden but if you all hate it so much just don't buy it, it's that simple. Why do u constantly bitch about the game like people give a damn whether you like it or not?

  5. the physics on this game are so terrible. Frank Gore doesn't even look like he's running. He looks like he's floating and on PCP. The movements are so awkward and unrealistic.

  6. wow I just watched video of 2K5 gameplay and I'm not exaggerating the gameplay was more realistic than Madden 15. The player actually look like they're running normally and tackles look realistic not the weird bouncy type tackles on Madden. Man I hope 2k gets the rights soon.

  7. Imagine being cut off from the outside world and being forced to eating prison food all your life. You get a tired of it but that's all you know so you would not be able to imagine what real food tastes like. Also, some people also enjoy being brainwashed because that's all they know.

  8. In theory Madden is new but in actual development the game is older than dirt. All they do is add subtle tweaks. The core game is old. It's the same as putting make up on Ms. Piggy or changing her wig. 

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