Madden NFL 15 – E3 2014 Gameplay Trailer at EA Press Conference

Check out the Madden NFL 15 trailer from EA’s Press Conference at E3 2014.

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  1. @Masterincommander its a completely different sport than rugby with high fly in acrobatics hard hits and stradegy. Its like a good game of chess,with people getting smashed. Stop comparing to rugby because its not rugby or a rugby wannabe. Its an exciting fun to watch sport.

  2. Fuck Seahawks. Fuck Sherman. The "Legion of Boom" is nothing compared to other hall of famers. In fact, why the fuck is Sherman on the cover of this game?

  3. I thought Madden 25 was fantastic on 360. Great agility by Mcoy, and other players like him. It was smooth and no doubt my favorite Madden. But on next gen, it was stiff, diddnt have that agility like on the 360. Hope they fix it

  4. Lol lol…so this is what we are going to do EA? Focus on ONE side of the football every other year?? Last year it was…"RUN-FREE!!!" This year it's "SHUT DOWN DEFENSE"??? All "WE" want is a complete game!!! No bullshit!!! Now I guess we have to revert back to O-linemen not blocking a damn in order to make it seem like you guys improved the defense dramatically?? Give me a break!!!
    I'll believe the hype when I see it smh

  5. In EA's own video they show how they got the 49ers pants wrong. Again. Real life Crabtree's pants are a lot darker than Madden Crabtree's pants, and EA Tiburon seems to be FUCKING OBLIVIOUS since they spliced it themselves. Smh.

  6. Shit fake asf fake ass animations glitches n shit probably gonna have ppl doin fallin n doin flips n shit over ppl after the play. Fuck it. Same borin shit every year.

  7. Will you be able to have 2-4 players play on the same team in Franchise mode? I get that online is all the rage but what if you have actual friends in the same room that want to play on and manage the same team. QB, RB, WR, TE/MLB, FS, OLB, DE or create yourselves as players on the same team. There were a lot of cool things you could do mid 2000s and earlier that you can't do on the new Maddens.

  8. U guys complaining its just a roster update its a football game how can they make it any different football is football

  9. Listen to that booming applause………….oh wait.

    I don't play Madden but I know they gotta step up their game…big time. Because I kinda wanna play a football game and I wanna play as my Broncos.

  10. Wish the NCAA would tell "students" they don't deserve royalties and sell the license to EA again. I never liked Madden for being the "hit-stick shit-show" primary franchise, while the NCAA games were much more enjoyable. Maybe because I didn't need to worry about roster updates because the players had randomly generated names (ie: because "students" are not pros, and do not deserve royalties), and it didn't matter because if you played franchise anybody could play for 1-4 years.

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