Let It Die Trailer – E3 2014

Take a look at the E3 trailer for Grasshopper Manufacture’s first PS4 title, Let It Die.

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  1. Let it die, let it die
    Can't let it keep being alive
    Let it die, let it die
    End its ability to thrive

    I don't care
    How much I'll have to pay
    Let sales rage on
    I'm never going to play the game anyway

  2. so what is this game about?? and oh my.. what an awful trailer.. who ever hired those people to come up with this idea and film it is a douche and a turd

  3. I hope that the game concept is more interesting than the trailer concept. This was waay too generic. A Deathmatch game with loot.

    But it's Suda 51, so crazy things will probably become a part of this!

  4. All you overcritical graphicwhores can go eat shit, i like the gore concept of this game. Looks like fun to me and it's new gameplay. Not some Assassins Creed "we put more people on the streets and can climb down now, oooweeeh!" microinnovations.

  5. Doesn't look as outrageous as Sudi 51/Grasshopper's other games which is kind of sad.

    Where are the robotic samurai assassins? Beam katana's? A pistol called 'The Boner' that is a floating skull?

  6. If you go to the playstation store and see preorder the game option, one of the character has been shown, he is probably the guy who had the hammer and is a firefighter

  7. i kinda giggle at the white knight pussies saying "this game looks like shit" there's only like a few seconds of actual game footage so it could go either way. i'm kinda interested in it buuuuuuuuuut "free to play" has me extremely skeptical.

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