Impressive PC Games of E3 – E3 2014

GameSpot editors sound off on a few standout PC games of E3 2014. Don’t let the console heavy show fool you, there are still plenty of new PC games on display.

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  1. noone give a shit about pc gaming its irrelevant and its fanboys are retards who rather play and beg for console ports then play there own games cause they know they are shit

  2. I just laugh every time I see people arguing which is better console, or PC when in truth it's PC graphic and hardware wise , but I digress I just wanted to say a true lover of games doesn't care if it is exclusive or not they just play it because it is there to be played!

  3. I keep hearing console players saying "There is no PC exclusive on TLOU/God of War/Uncharted/etc level". But now i ask, what fucking level? Those are just overly simplified action games with way too much reliance on cinematics. PC exclusives favor player interaction and gameplay over flashy presentation like that. They are better games, just need more effort to play.

  4. Attention all pc gamers, check out the trailer for a game called Northern Shadow. It is a singleplayer game and is like a mix between Skyrim and Banished. I realy recomend you check it out, it looks impressive.

  5. what a shit have i seen right now? Impressive games? How long the developers haven't look the windows out….It's 21 century out there. I'd call it – impressive shit.

  6. This comments are harsh haha Honestly I don't see why people even have consoles, just take that $400 and use it to put towards a computer, everyone already has a computer. It's so simple to just keep everything in one place anyway and PC has so many benefits that consoles will never have. Also when people go "Consoles are casual" lol I see nothing casual with spending so much money on a system that can only do one thing, that seems pretty poorly dedicated to me. Each to their own I guess. 

  7. Petroglyph isn't impressive ever. Universe At War was one of the shittiest games I have ever played, and I love RTS games. Empire At War had completely fucked land battles (hooray, half the game is broken!). Their shit usually sucks so I'm staying the fuck away from this stupid goo RTS/

  8. who the fuck plays with a keyboard??? and where the hell are the PC games then?? all these games look like shit, graphics don't even live up to what people say

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