Homefront: The Revolution – Announcement Trailer

Homefront: The Revolution will be available in 2015 on PC, PlayStation4, and Xbox One.

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  1. Let's all be honest why would the GKR (N.Korea) attack the US when Australia has the MOST URANIUM deposits in the world and is geologically closer to Korea.

    Bet everyone didnt think about that.

  2. Maybe one day we might have "Homefront: Irak Ed." Just make the cough terrorists cough I mean "rebels" or "freedom fighters" darker and, voila!, it's done!

  3. To everyone saying this looks like kill zone or some other game NO !!! -.- I'm a really big fan of homefront since the first one came out in 2011

  4. This is going to actually happen someday in this country. Make fun of me if you want but the way things are headed it's more than likely to happen ten maybe even twenty years from now

  5. LOL every trailer for HF: The Revolution I've clicked on this evening has a shortened version of the Thank You trailer as an advert

  6. о ещё одна жалкая пародия на дурацкий красный рассвет вы че курите американцы северная Корея высокотехнологичный противник

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