FIFA 15 – E3 2014 Gameplay Trailer at EA Press Conference

Fifa 15 shows off some gameplay in this latest trailer by EA.

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  1. They should have a thing like match day. There should be a mode were you can repeat some of the most spectacular football matches. (but obviously that will never happen)

  2. I hope this year EA Sport can finally improve the capabilities o te defense, cos all the others until FIFA 12, except for FIFA 11, are a real mess, FIFA 14, their slogan was"it just got real". I cant understand how could there be defenders that act like players with no Brains. Total out of control and no close man to man handlings, a total lack of intelligence, no marking in cross passes.

  3. The amount of things needed to be fixed from fifa 14 is ridiculous. First touch is atrocious even when you're not holding the sprint button, chip through balls are so overpowered, headers in the box how can someone like walcott be beating kompany in the air but in ultimate team it happens to me in nearly every game, the kick off glitch, the fifa 14 webapp still to this day doesnt work properly and here they are announcing and showing of fifa 15, the defending AI is shocking they just stand their and watch the ball sail over their heads, the physics or coding in the engine is messed up even when you tackle someone successfully if you just touch the opposition player even slightly its a penalty against you, for some reason after i score a goal my players decide they've all forgotten how to control or pass a ball. Will any of these issues be fixed of course not instead they start talking about some bullshit emotional feature they put in the game which will not effect gameplay but will in no doubt break the broken game even more.

  4. Lol why do they keep saying the push pull stuff is new? Or if in the other interview he says the players asking for offside is new? Such bull. I'll be honest I'll still be picking it up but don't lie. I would be happy if they game me fifa14 with new kits and transfers. All the same. Just take out the scripting and handicap.

  5. I wish PES would improve alot so EA would improve Fifa alot more to be competitive. Also, screw the flag moving, fix the defenders than ball watch instead of stealing the ball

  6. Great intro Nemanja Matic, the game will be all ready with an extra ALIVE commentator.

    Time to look for what PES 15 offers

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