Far Cry 4 Gameplay – E3 2014 Sony Press Conference

Check out the new gameplay from Far Cry 4 from the Sony Press Conference.
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  1. i fell like this wasnt a good gameplay reveal, at the time i got hyped, but watching it again. i think it doenst really shows how crazy the gameplay can be

  2. What can I say about Far Cry 4? When I started playing I didn't know anything about the game and I had a love-hate relationship with that game, because the number of times my character died was great. I hardly knew any strategy to use in the game, but over time I learned. Nowadays I love it more than I hate it. Sometimes I get stressed in certain parts of the game, but this is normal and I still play.

  3. My favourite announcement, but not my favourite Far Cry game.
    Far Cry 3 is my all-time favourite game, Far Cry 4 didn't feel right for me, it was too similar and I didn't like the story. Ajay was flat and his motivations didn't make sense.

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