Evolve – E3 2014 New Monster Trailer at Microsoft Press Conference

Check out the new monster in this Evolve trailer from the Microsoft Press Conference at E3.

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  1. well i'll be buying this on PC , looks like it'll be fun and the people that made Left 4 Dead know what they're doing with games like these 

  2. Finally a game with a new gameplay idea. Why dont more game developers do that instead of developing the same game with better graphics next year.

  3. The first monster uses brute strength while this one looks like its using mind powers and shit. Hope the next monster relies on being stealthy.

  4. I think they should've made it like you start as a small monster, and the more you eat you can make choises watch way to evolve in, so you could see different kind of monsters all comming from the same starter monster, like you can chose wings, or the abilty to spit poison, and if they would like to continue from that, they could make more starter monsters, with different evolutions and different pros and cons

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