E3 2014 – Halo: The Master Chief Collection Trailer at Microsoft Press Conference

Relive the entire Master Chief saga on the Xbox One, as Microsoft reveals Halo: The Master Chief Collection for Xbox One.

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  1. Kind of annoying to see all the people bash 343 for the ending of halo 4. They didn't "ruin" halo in fact it's one of my favorites in the series. But what to some of you don't understand is they made a choice and a big one at that to kill off cortana. And it works because now we will finally see some change within cheif. I love all the games but the character we played didn't have much development and it's stuff like that that can make a story go stale. 343 is trying to keep us on our toes and if you think cortana isn't going to be in halo 5 at all then that's a rather inaccurate assumtion. I would be suprise if they didn't put her in at at least a little bit. I'm very excited for halo 5 and the Mc collection. I think this is gonna be one hell of a year for xbox

  2. During the reveal…I heard the Halo music and this little smirk came up on my face, and I was like "We're getting Halo 2 Anniversary!" then, the more and more the dude talked about this amazing collection my grin grew bigger and bigger until I looked like the fucking Joker.

  3. I kinda want to sell my PS4 and get this because Halo 1-3 was my life until I bought a PS3 and new PC, but damn this is really tempting!

  4. Looks like the character seen in the Halo 5: Guardians trailer is looking at what the Chief has done in the Halo story line through a computer. But you never know it could be the chief looking back on it in a new suit or something but I don't know just theorizing 😛

  5. you guys must've forgot tho, RIP PS4 AND XBOXONE

  6. Master Chief was an awesome character before 343 started making highschool fan-fiction of him canon like this.

  7. Agent Locke is obviously the UNSC's response to Master Chief, foreshadowed and mentioned in Dr. Halsey's discussion with the mysterious man at the beginning of Halo 4.  Halsey said; "What are you after?  The others before you were Naval Intelligence, but you….you're something else."  The man responds; ""Do you believe the Master Chief succeeded because he was, at his core, broken?"  Halsey; ""What does John have to do with this? …you want to replace him."   This was something that was never really explored further in Halo 4, other than the obvious fact that the UNSC is pushing Spartans out like crazy.  However, the mysterious man is never revealed, and they were obviously looking for a way to replace Master Chief.  I expect Locke to be a badass, but brainwashed by the UNSC.  His journey to track Chief down will lead to to cross paths with the Arbiter, and he will learn of truths that have been hidden from him by the military.  I also suspect that Agent Locke might be a possible clone of Chief, but one that the UNSC can manipulate for their purposes. Chief and Locke will try to reunite the Covenant and Humanity in the fight against the forerunners and the Didact, and attempt to bring Halsey back. Just my thoughts.

  8. I am pissed that I had to wait ten plus years of playing xbconnect and halo ce pc to finally have the game avialable online on xbox without third parties. The anniversary should have put halo: ce online. By far one of the best halo and most fun to lan and they decided to put halo fracking reach multiplayer on the game and ruin it. Just wonder why I have to pay 60 bucks to play just halo: ce and who ever asked for it to get a graphics boost. Quit trying to change games just re release them just because a games graphics are not the best does not make it bad. I swear too they better not gives Halo 1 through 3 the gay halo 4 rank system I do not want a call of duty halo. I want the Halo 2 rank system back where you had to prove you could win more than one game to rank up.

  9. his name is Locke people… 
    and for the people saying "I could get all these for liek 10 bucks each". True, but to get everything in this package you would need to buy damn near 100 dollars of DLC and the PC versions of Halos 1 and 2 to get the PC exclusive maps (which will be in the collection), and pay for the Halo: Nightfall DvD when it comes out, plus you would have to sit out the Halo 5 Beta.

  10. The MJOLNIR Mark VI armor from Halo 2/3 still looks more badass than the armor in Halo 4/5. They've should've built on the old art style/designs, rather than redesign everything.

  11. They totally fuck the experience, you get the ugly graphics an they you get the HD hyper movie cinematics??? Fuck this shit………. Don't waste your money, if you want to play it, do it the original version, this is bull shit!!

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