Dying Light – E3 2014 Trailer

Check out the E3 trailer for Dying Light.

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  1. okay this game is shit i have to say i played like 100 hours 50 hours of it was just me trying to fix the issues of the game and the rest was just waste of time but i have to say the trailer song is f*cking awesome!!!!!

  2. I thought i was the best at this game when i first got it i was slayin zombies until night came DONT USE TWO HANDED WEAPONS AGAINST VOlATILES its ***** suicide

  3. Could anyone else tell at the time that this was NOT actual gameplay? I could.
    Almost all companies do this, and have been for years. What people call "downgrading" is not usually that. It's just that what they showed as actual gameplay was really just a huge cutscene that had been specially made to look exactly like the gameplay they wanted to make.
    Bioshock infinite, watchdogs, witcher 3, rainbow 6 siege, and of course the infamous colonial marines, and many many more have all had their "gameplay" trailers made up from scratch as a presentation.
    Even fucking no man's sky was obvious to me, but everyone else was creaming their pants thinking it was real gameplay.

    Now that's not to say that all of these games were terrible because of this. Many of them are great games, this one included. And the one's that were bad were bad for very different reasons than graphics.
    But just beware in future

  4. Does anyone remember the CD-Projekt article you could buy at your local store? I remember when you could buy one with a Dead Island game in it, and in the actual article there was a page about DI zombies and concept arts. There was a certain zombie described in it, the buffed charger SWAT-looking zombie, it's nice to know that the concept art made it into Dying Light

  5. well well well, i am glad they redisgned Rais and changed the voice actor. also i didnt know there is an animation that you can transpalant hearts 0:56 with my 450 hours of dying light experience.

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