Driveclub Stage Demo – E3 2014

We take a look at some new gameplay footage from Driveclub and talk about some recent E3 announcements from the team.

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  1. I dont get why it is so hard for developers to understand what racing game we want? An open world, multiplayer racing game, with deep car customization. Fuck the ferraris and shit, give me a wolksvagen and let me pimp it like xzibit and I am happy!

  2. Xbozx one fan boys are jealouse because their "next gen"did shit and ps4 did so well,because they ise the shit xbox one they cant enjoy driveclub.btw people see a new lambo in forza horzian 2 trialer and they think its great.for sure driveclub will do better and you cant stop that

  3. Racing games nowadays are just boring! Why?? Generic sound engine, dull track models, generic car physics, generic environments and most importantly, no wow factor! This is what happens when MBAs dictate what games to make, programmers limit what's possible to their deadlines, designers merely duplicating and not innovating, And not a single fuck knows what fun is!

  4. I can't believe I said that this game was going to be sick two months ago. DriveClub is awful, and is one of the worst purchases that i've made in a long time. I'm going to trade it in towards COD Advanced Warfare today and never look back. The AI in this game is so stupid. They would rather slam into your car instead of cleanly passing you, and you get penalized for it EVERYTIME. If you don't own DriveClub, expect to restart each race or event 70 times, because the AI slammed into you while pushing you off course. You also lose racing points for driving off course/hitting walls, because the AI wanted to play destruction derby with you There's also zero car customization, limited character models/clothing, and objectives that are almost impossible such as "complete a clean lap." Are you kidding me? You could force yourself to be last in the race,  and the car in 1st place that's overlapping you would most likely smash into your car on purpose for no reason. Also, once you hit semi-pro and pro levels in the game, the AI also get turbo speed boosts that keeps them in the race. You could be driving an exotic Aston Martin for example, and the AI's Toyota Camry catches up to your car with ease. STAY AWAY FROM DRIVECLUB!!!!

  5. I dont think DC vs Horizon 2 is a fair comparison. Horizon 2 just has far more to do putting it light years ahead. A more fair rival would be forza 5 but even then drive club cant compare. It only has 50 or so cars, and no customization. Ill give them the night and day cycle over forza 5 but thats about it. I kinda knew it was going to lose the fights against forza when i heard one of the main selling points was the club thing and setting/competing in challenges. Forza practically wrote the book on that when they introduced Rivals into one of their older games.

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