Dragon Ball: Xenoverse – E3 2014 Trailer

Check out this E3 2014 trailer for Dragon Ball: Xenoverse.

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  1. I have confidence that this game will due DBZ justice. I'm saying this because if Dimps fucks THIS game up (and I'm praying Tenkaichi's original developer doesn't), I have no HOPE for future DBZ titles.

  2. as long as this is a good fighting game, possibly a clone of tenkaichi 2 or 3, its gonna sell for sure.  im gonna eat it up regardless.  i enjoyed both ultimate tenkaichi and Battle of Z.

  3. Stop being assholes and release this for PC too. Why discriminate against PC players? We are more hardcore gamers than what console players are. Release for PC or GTFO with that shit.

  4. "Fierce battles of Goku will be reborn." I think you mean rehashed. I love Dragon Ball (at least I used to anyways) but watching them bring these fights back over and over are just annoying, let Goku rest in peace.

  5. looks like Burst Limit or Raging Blast with the same shit all over (in terms of gameplay and story) with almost the same graphics of those 2 games, what is to be reborned?…….nothing, i dont see anything more to do with this franchise, RPG games? the GBA ones, the NES card-like ones, Fighting games? ALMOST IN ANY FUCKING CONSOLE/PC, Online games? DBO but that isnt active anymore, Brawling games? Dragon Ball Sagas……ewwwwww, i mean DB/DBZ has almost any kind of game by now, BANDAI i dont WANT another thing with the DB/DBZ/DBGT name on it, let it die already!!! im sorry i used to love DB but with all this…things happening almost all the time its kinda annoying, all you wanted to say or play or see about DB is already there and is the same thing over and over.

  6. Looks like a ps2 game. I don't usually have high expectations for Japanese games they always disappoint. Anyone play naruto? That game was garbage. At least invest a little.

  7. For everyone. The story will be original. In it these 2 beings go back in time and muck up the order of events. And the hero (Created DBZ fighter) has to work together and be part of the fights. So you'll be there helping Goku fight Frieza and defend the earth from Cell. As well as something called the dark power boost kicking up the bad guys and making these fights more intense. So it's not just "Pretty fighting and the same old story" They have given us a new story. And, for it, multiple races. (Earthling) (Sayain- SSJ & SSJ2 confirmed ) Namekian. Majin. And the Frieza race. Namekians and the Frieza race are genderless(Just putting this in there) And yeah… They will also have online. Where you can fight and meet other created fighters. And you can have most combinations of attacks ( Like being a Sayain who can use special beam cannon and destructo disk Etc.) As well as have different masters to learn under (Anyone who has played Ultimate Tenkaichi might be familiar with this, though idk if it will be executed the same here or not) Ik this is long. 🙁 Sorry. 

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