Dragon Age: inquisition – Under the Horns

Meet the voice behind the Iron Bull Freddie Prinze Jr. as he tells us what it’s like to take on the mantle of the biggest, baddest, toughest mercenary in all of Thades.

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  1. This guy has basically been my childhood lmao. IKWYDLS, Scooby Doo, Mass Effect, Dragon Age. Can’t escape him haha.

  2. Jr does a good voice over, although I hate this bi sexual, diseased, horn head Iron bull. Bioware must satisfy 1% of population w LGBT(HIV) characters.

  3. I just have to come give Freddy some awesome respect from improving his VO work so much from Vega to Iron Bull…I Had NO CLUE it was FPJ in Dragon Age for 6 years!

  4. after so many playthroughs I still can not believe Freddie is Iron Bull, I grew up watching him in teen high school movies.. I could've never imagine he can pull out that voice, I was blown away when I found out it was him, awesome performance!

  5. The irony that the creatures iron bull is afraid of, his wife "slayed" so many of them that it's pointless to do a head count. Think Buffy would like Cole?

  6. What. WhAT. I had no idea Freddie Prinze Jr did Iron Bull's voice and I've been playing this game for years. Holy crap! He's done a seriously impressive job at disguising/altering his voice! Wow. WOW. Well done, my dude!

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