Destiny – E3 2014 Trailer at Sony Press Conference

Watch the Sony Press Conference trailer for Destiny at E3 2014.

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  1. see, this is the evolution activision and all the cod developers should be looking at, the things bungie are doing to change up the fps genre is amazing imagine in cod game having say a middle eastern city or a infested jungle full of enemies to run around in will doing a campaign and being able to do the normal arena shooter that would bring me back to cod

  2. destiny es como una mescla de halo, skyrim y mas effect jajajajja pero se ve bien aunque me decepciono un poco ya que pense que seria un juego mas original.

  3. well graphics sucks … with a budget like this game had you this should be a lot better ….. and dont get me started on the "next gen" consoles. .. bah

  4. Jeez, people really jump to being negative.. I for one can't wait to play all these shitloads of various content and not bitch about the graphics because most of their work went into expanding gameplay value! 

  5. i didnt even know this was destiny when they first showed it. it looked like an indie quality game. and then they revealed the title and i was like oh. 

  6. I'm sorry but when I hear Peter's voice, all I see/imagine is Tyrion Lannister floating beside my character. I suppose that makes this even more worth it though.

  7. I'm going to get this on my xbox just because i like playing multiplayer games on my xbox better I'm just going to play this till halo comes out i don't really play about single player i might get it on the ps4 2 idk yet 

  8. One word for you guys  : "Warframe"

    Just search  for the game-play and you will see that it matches the style and everything.

  9. dont get this game it is stupid you need xbox live to play it i now hate it so much i wont even watch videos about it cause i got the game today the day it came out and i was all excited and it disappointed me!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

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