Bloodborne – E3 2014 Trailer at Sony Press Conference

First look at Bloodborne from the Sony press conference at E3 2014.

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  1. Wasn't really a big fan of Demon souls and never got to play dark souls probably cause in suck at those games but maybe I'll try this.

  2. Really intriguing game, I guess if you like the souls games you'll like this. Xbox fans will be pissed they won't admit it but they will be.

  3. dark souls is overrated. animations, story, gameplay, combat, everything about the game is awful. the only positive thing about it is the difficulty, but ill rather play sand castle on super mario 64.

  4. ok so just looked at the leaked game play trailer (search engines are your friends) and its DS just with guns and Castlevania-ish theme.

    Personally Iv never liked the whole "go forth and kill thy wicked queen of light upon thyn bone quill potion magic sword of the" thing but I just might give this a try,It seems like what the 3D CV should have been.

  5. Even this little trailer hints at so much, and demonstrates that Miyazaki's genius still thrives. For example, the diseased zombie things showcased in the video are obviously under the effects of an illness ( look at the eyes, the eyes I tell you… ) and the term Bloodborne is used to describe a pathogenic disease carried, among other things, by blood. So subtle, and promising so much.

  6. There better be a brightness setting because I need it. No way im looking at all these gravelly games in one sitting. Apparently when zombies appear the sun also just nopes out of there.

  7. "From Software" Why I get a feeling this game will be a whole new level of freak difficulty like Dark Souls….. But still if it is, great then! Hardcore gamers will be very pleased

  8. This has gotta suck for pc ONLY fanatics.Maybe they should rethink that whole pc master race thing.Doesn't seem to be working out so good for them.

  9. Funny how many people thought it was just another ordinary zombie game, but never notice they are the same makers of Dark Souls. This studio doesn't make your 'ordinary' games.

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