Battlefield Hardline – E3 2014 Trailer at Sony Press Conference

Check out the brand new trailer for Battlefield Hardline from the Sony Press Conference at E3 2014.

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  1. there is something I do not understand, I mean it was not the batterfield war? 
    this is TERRORISM PAYDAY and resembles the whole history of batterfield went to hell because he has nothing to do with this batterfield terrorism. 
    The whole history of batterfield got shafted by this? Really?

  2. dios quiera que el resident evil 7 tenga más fama que esta mierda, esto no es el batterfield del que me enamore ,del que me pase horas y horas jugandolo, no la historia entera se fue a la reverenda mierda por esto, diría que esto es un PAYDAY 3 tss..

  3. Now that I watched this trailer I will cancel my plans of buying a copy of BF4 i do not finance or support stupid games like this….

  4. Does anyone know that DICE isn't making this? Jeez… Well anyway people are saying this is a copy of PayDay…really? PayDay doesn't let you play as the cops and also doesn't have as much destruction.

  5. Wait it's in the Xbox One ad. Are they siding with Sony this year or Xbox? (By siding I mean appearing in ads, making bundles, kinda like what AC Unity

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