Assassin's Creed Unity – E3 2014 Trailer at Ubisoft Press Conference

Revolution is in the air in this cinematic trailer for Assassin’s Creed Unity.

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  1. I just hope this game doesn't mislead the inevitable ignorant kids and uneducated 12 year olds into thinking that the French Revolution was a black and white affair. There was no good or evil side; both the nobles and the rebels had their share of benevolence and cruelty. They didn't name a period of the Revolution "The Terror" for no reason…

  2. 1:21 when all of them merge from the cloud of dust to the chorus of the song i fucking jizzed my pants mannn… its like one of those moment where your like you know the chorus of the song is coming up and your already expecting the trailer to do something epic and they do! thats what makes a good trailer when you can expect something epic to happen and it happens! FUCKING SPLENDID WHOEVER MADE THIS TRAILER MAKE MORE! 

  3. I get the feeling that they rushed this franchise really quickly I mean this game is being originated in 200 years ago. want more AC

  4. Nice Trailer but the reality of the 4 people coop will be that everybody will do their own thing and probably go berzerk without true tactical strategies like shown in the trailer :/

  5. I really hope that we won't just work to advance the Revolution. I really hope that we will also fight against Revolutionaries, b/c I can't see the Reign of Terror sitting well with the Assassins.

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