Assassin's Creed Unity – E3 2014 Gameplay Demo at Microsoft Press Conference

First look at gameplay from Assassin’s Creed Unity at the Microsoft Press Conference.

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  1. every assassins creed is so easy, there is no challenge in these games, they either let you dissapear or send an undestroyable ship after you. One of the way to make a game challenging is to make you fear for your life, like in Thief Deadly Shadows in the haunted house, you couldn't kill anyone ( they were undead ) so you had to hide all the time, it was scary as shit. Or games like Outlast….

  2. This game is great and looks and plays exactly like this. I just wish other players were willing to play this tactically.

  3. the only True Next Gen Looking Assassins creed…The Graphics even till this day look like current modern titles 😀

  4. man, unity had its technical issues n stuff sure, but man did it try to deliver on what assassins creed fans really wanted from the series, improved stealth, improved free running, co-op, open ended mission design. hope ubisoft take a stab at it again some day.

  5. I love how they show the people standing on stage "playing" the game live. There's no way in hell they would do that and risk one of the players botching the whole mission, lol.

  6. I played this game in 2020 and it still so incredible , I guess after 20 years people are gonna still love this game , so I request Ubisoft to please create a remastered version for this game or a remake of story instead of thinking about black flag 2

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