The Order: 1886 – Thermite Rifle and New Gameplay

We speak with Ru Weerasuriya, creative director on The Order: 1886, about the brutally delightful thermite rifle.

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  1. And to think these guys were making God of War and Jak and Daxter games for the PSP, the GoW trilogy, and Okami, and now are moving onto this.

  2. that watch dogs moment tho, this game looks beautiful, hopefully when the game is done it stays the same unlike some game called WATCH DOGS.

  3. I'm curious, what do you all want for gameplay? What kind of innovation are you all looking for? A shooter is a shooter, the "innovations" everyone seems to want are always things like: "Oh man, he has supernatural powers, that's so innovative!" Sorry for my cynicism, but I want games to have better stories and mean more than just another cool gun…

  4. Graphical impressive for a Console Title would not accept this to look this bad on a PC but TB said this garbage runs below 60 FPS so no buy anyway.

  5. is it going to be wide screen like that during the actual game?  i dont know why but the black bars at the top and bottom are really annoying me 

  6. I see a bunch of constructive comments about the game, and by the side a see alot of butthurt xbox/pc users, seriously how people can judge a game by "boring/ copy of Gears of War, and about the graphics" with a 2 minutes video? , the company who is making this already confirmed the screen tearing and 30FPS (to the people who didn't know) to approach more movie-like experience, i hope i see more good comments/opinions.

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