Sniper Elite 3 – 101 Trailer

Check out this Sniper Elite 3 101 trailer which takes players on a deep dive into all of the new features that rewards stealth, planning and execution.

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  1. I do like your training films. but I was wondering why not make a film that teaches gamer's how to be sniper oriented. for any game that gives the opportunity to be a sharpshooter. for example use films from past games and films from sniper elite to show how to observe the area where you will be operating in, how to read the enemies patrol movement their tactics, technique and procedures. how to find targets, evade capture, marksmanship, how to pick out you equipment how to disable tanks and light vehicles. how to range and judge distance. basically how to take sniper tactics and apply them to the game. 

  2. one bullet can change history so if you shoot someone common,like a normal citizen,wich is poor,and doesnt have a job and a good future neither,you can change history?

  3. Enemies are still idiots, but they have very good (almost X-ray) sight. Sometimes, you're revealed without even seeing anyone. You mostly can't kill by a single welrod shot, unless you hit the head. This makes it almost impossible to accomplish individual missions without being spotted.

  4. I think for sniper elite v5, should be about fighting Germans in Russia and Poland then germany in the perspective of the Russians then for v6 about fighting Japanese

  5. Interesting way to make a trailer. Emphasising how the game is about strategic planning rather than just blowing stuff up and shooting – although they show it looks really nice though.
    I've played the 2nd one, tempted to play this one but after Far Cry 4.

  6. CAN ANYONE HELP ME WITH THIS INSTALLING ISSUE AM GETTING THIS ERROR MASSAGE WHEN PLAYING THE GAME The Program Can't Start Because XINPUT1_3.dill is Missing From Your Computer. Try Reinstalling The program to fix this program. please help me…………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Am I the only one bugged by a soldier fighting the Afrika Korps using a rifle introduced in 1944, a scope introduced in 1945, and a flash hider not introduced until after the war? I suppose he could be using a custom modified M1, or an early sniper variant prototype, but an M1903 with an M73 scope would seem the most likely option.

    Also, how is he getting a proper eye position without the leather cheek pad?

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