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Gilbert Gottfried Voices Our Favorite Games

Comedian Gilbert Gottfried lends his unique vocal talents to some of the greatest games ever made.

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  1. My favorite game was Aladdin for the Sega. I wanna hear him do a voice from that, like… Jaffar, or… Jasmine, or someone. Idk why but he seems like he'd be a perfect fit for at least SOME character in that game.

  2. Technically speaking, Gilbert is a video game voice actor, since he voiced Iago in the Kingdom Hearts games, Mr. Mxyzptlk in the Lego games, and Joker Ammo in APB

  3. Can we just have Gilbert Gottfried voice Mario from now on?

    Just a joke. I know how odd that would be, I just think his voice over is really funny.

  4. Version 2 with:

    Duke Nukem – Any phrase
    Castlevania SOTN “What is a man?”
    Resident Evil Wesker!
    FFX laugh
    Broken Sword “Paris in the fall”
    Parappa the rapper “Kick, punch…”
    Half-Life Black Mesa voiceover

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