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Developing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

The development leads at Slegehammer Games talk about the lessons learned from co-developming Modern Warfare 3 and how they are seperating themselves from the past with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

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  1. I can't wait to see more of this game! MW3's multiplayer wasn't perfect, but it was fun. I bet this game will be much better.

  2. To be fair, it wasnt really Infinity Ward. All of the people, the 'grandfathers'. Left IW after Activision stole their royalties. So they just working with the collaborators and imitators. Rather the innovators. Also, I rather enjoyed the Return of the King.

  3. Tbh MW3 was pretty bad but I don't blame them for this. I just hope they can deliver on an actually NEW cod game. Looking forward to Advanced Warfare

  4. If it remains a linear shooter with circular multiplayer, then I could care less. They won't change anything, at most they will add a few gimmicks because real change is a risk and they wouldnt dare risk their cash cow for… Gasp… Innovation and creative vision!!!

  5. I might get this in the new year once ive heard some positive feedback when this game launches I wil be to busy playing Arkham Knight.

  6. What makes cod bad is the people playing it. Theres too many bad players and by bad i mean assholes, i always have fun on all cod till some one starts messing around and abuses the game. Games should be fun to play not frustrating.

  7. I won't past judgment on Advanced Warfare until I've had a chance play the game for myself and not based opinions off game reviewer scores. Hopefully, Sledgehammer Games will develop something truly amazing.

  8. Idk this could be preety good i mean cod ghosts sucked so much dick just like mw3 but this new one looks promisable but it just looks like titanfall and battlefield same ghing with cod ghosts they basicaly took all the key things from bf4 and put them into their game. Idk i hope this new game can turn the franchise around because they are faling down a really steep slope.

  9. When these guys talk, they at least seem sincere.  Whenever I hear anything from the infinity ward guys, I get this underlying sense of their inner voices yelling, "We want ur money lulz"

  10. I hate infinity wards call of dutys. Treyarch makes the best ones if you ask me. Black Ops 1 was the best (In my opinion) so Im a little worried that this game will be to much like the infinity wards call of dutys. BUT.. it cant be any worse then ghosts. So lets see.. we need GAMEPLAY!

  11. I stopped buying CoD after MW3. But, Sledgehammer's iteration of CoD looks promising (at least the campaign). If this game meets my expectations (which aren't that high to begin with), then I'll gladly buy this game.

  12. Prolly another stupid CoD single player / roller coaster ride experience with the same multi player experience since 07. GG

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