Battlefield Hardline Video Leaks Online – GS News Update

Leaked video reveals new gameplay footage and loads of Battlefield Hardline info.

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  1. Another cycle of disappointed for fans. Game rushed, game has so many issues, Fans get angry, Fans rage, Devs fix game, Game fixed near a Sequel release, Game not really enjoyed, Sequel Releases and so on. You people should not buy this unless it's $15, EA is the publisher and it's gonna be rushed. Don't be fools and fools. Please don't support EA and Ubisoft.

    Anyone who is hyped is EA's bitch slave.

  2. at first it does not seen that good, bf is a game of war between countries, etc. bf is not  Grand Theft Auto and this looks like a better game of GTA. i hope i like it, couse i will miss the old battlefield style

  3. How big are the maps?  How big are the teams?  

    Any map smaller then the APB maps it'll be a fail.

    Anything smaller then the 50 v 50 of APB it'll be a fail.

    Any no AI in the multiplayer maps to make a 'living city' like in GT or APB and it'll be a fail.

  4. War on Crime… are you kidding me. Is that the only war game they could promote on US soil… LAME! Looks great but so did the Newest Metal of Honor and we all know how that ended up. I know Visceral games is making this one and they have made strong titles in the past, but Why now has DICE chosen to Abandon Battlefield? Only after the big wigs forced them to put out a game that wasn't ready…..? For Shame DICE! THIS IS NOT THE BATTLEFIELD GAME WE WANT! DO YOU EVER LISTEN?

  5. I don't understand why this is receiving so much trash talk when it hasn't even come out yet. Just because it has similar gameplay and concept to other Crime based games, doesn't mean it's copying them. I'm actually looking forward to seeing how this game pans out because unlike COD, the Battlefield franchise isn't just making more of its same stuff. They're trying to branch out. But no, people have to whine about the game before it comes out. If you don't want it, then don't buy the game. No one is forcing you to buy it.

  6. Why do ppl keep comparing this to call of duty. Call of duty doesnt have cops or criminals. Every fps game that is made ppl fanboys automatically compare to call of duty. Shut the fuck up!!!! It looks like battlefield with cops. Not the 1St time the battlefield series switched it up. Look at battlefield 2142

  7. Utter shite!! The aim of the game is in it's title "Battlefield" I have played and loved all BF games since the franchise released but I just cannot believe that DICE are going to release a game just like any other policing game. EA need to fuck off and let DICE make games like they did years ago. I will not be buying Hardline when it releases. Fuck no. I would rather buy a massive turd for £60!

  8. Battlefield turned into Cod since bf3. close quarters.Urban Nobody cares about objectives. all ppl care about is their KD 

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