Will Fallout 4 Be at E3? – The Point

With the rumor mill spinning into overdrive, Danny looks at the evidence pointing towards a Fallout 4 announcement at E3 this year. Also he eats some beans.

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  1. Fallout 3 is one of my all time favorite games.  Many say that its more of a spinoff than New Vegas but honestly there are so many links if you dig a bit.  But that aside I will probably jizz my pants if Fallout 4 is announced

  2. Fallout 4 is the only game im looking for. Im not into the whole scam that is online gaming. Don't get me wrong what a way to make easy cash. Releasing the same game over and over again. Only bumping up the graphics. Wish I would have thought of that.

  3. I have to disagree with you. Fallout games don't depict a pointless struggle. At the end of the main quest of every fallout game you end up saving or damning the game's setting. For example, in Fallout 3, you can activate project purity, which very well might be all it takes to restore America's capital. In New Vegas, pretty much every ending results in New Vegas becoming a civilization of some sort.

  4. well my favorite moment in fallout 3 was when Jericho from megaton ate my molerat meat that I placed on the table in front of my house. 

  5. Ulysses in Boston maybe? that would be pretty cool though it would be pretty hard to explain how he even got there or why he is there for that matter

  6. And then what does Bathesda do at E3? Tease us harder than the survivor 2299 ever did, then give us all a giant middle finger with that gunack thing and the evil within. Hey bathesda, here's an idea, take a page from capcom and re-release fallout 3 and new Vegas for the One and PS4. That will satiate most of the fan base, introduce the next generation to the wastes, and give you another two years at most to get off your asses and actually give us fallout four instead of jerking us and yourselves around

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