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What is Fortnite?

The lead designer and producer for Fortnite explain the basic idea and the allure of the action/building combination within Epic’s next ambitious game.

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  1. welp i'm officially an old fart. looks like world of warcraft to me, and i thought that was stupid. back in my day we played original warcraft. offline. against the computer. in the snow. and we LIKED IT. get off my lawn.

  2. i listened the whole video and still don't know what Fortnite is… and im kinda late for looking up what fortnite is… im so late!… 😀

  3. Who’s watching this when Fortnite has blown up and it’s in Fortnite chapter 2 season 3 and cars are added I play Fortnite and this is really weird because this was a old video and this is different now save the world mode cost money and the main game is a battle Royale game and it’s really different to this and now there is trading different and unique skins I play it and I love the game I suggest you play it you can actually win money from this game if your 18 or older so I really like this but parents READ THIS FIRST before you let your Chile’s play this game this game has shooting and gun violence so if you wanted your child to play this game then make sure you ok with that but other then that it’s pretty fine but your child might want to spend money on this game because there are unique skins line I said earlier and there are different things you can get that can cost a lot off money like they can buy this thing called vbucks vbucks is the currency in the game they can use it to buy skins or they can buy things strait from the game bye buying packs packs are multiple skins that you can get but they cost a lot off money so watch out for that But that’s pretty much every thing you need to know I hope this was helpful like this comment plz bye

  4. holy crap, 8 years ago, this was Fortnite, HAVE TIMES CHANGED… sweats, building, millions of players, way different graphics, holy!!!

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