Warface – Launch Trailer

Check out Crytek’s free-to-play first person shooter now available.

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  1. This game looks like ass on 360, which is a shame seeing as how a game that uses the same engine (Crysis 3) shows that it could look better.

  2. Here the Lyrics 😀

    Say what you want fool, but I drop fools
    I'd a call you out but it’s not news
    The world knows it and your girl knows it
    You’re not one of those top dudes
    We watch you, we know the type
    Loud mouth like a motorbike
    I don't know why we let you live, chalk it up to an oversight
    A real man makes up his mind, he doesn’t cry about it, he doesn’t lie about it
    Real men live forever
    Live a coward, die a coward
    Comfy in your seat
    Slide out it
    Get the best of me
    I doubt it
    Pay no
    Everything shall see the light
    That’s what history tells us
    The kinda rain that’s coming rains through umbrellas breaking down them walls you built to send my name to the depths

    We gonna live forever
    We gonna live forever

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