War Of The Vikings – Release Trailer

Check out the release trailer for War Of The Vikings.

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  1. The creators of this game clearly doesnt know how it whas in the viking time! Vikings were more like pirate ish. They were plyndering villages and sometimes they would attack eachother but in norway or sweden it is not giant mountains of ice! I live in norway and trist me motgift looks anything like that! This game is like skyrim but with nordic clothes WTF! This just looks lame!

  2. I freaking loved War of the Roses but it did have some things that needed to be fixed heavily so I can support this game… I just hope they don't go making another "War of the" game 2 years from now and instead continue to support this game through patches! Great series for those who haven't played though!

  3. This game looks exactly like Two Worlds 2. The scenery, movements, and animations are almost identical. Except this isnt an RPG.

  4. You can tell this is a PC game, just by the wonky animations. What's Master Race abou this?  (And ironically, the Aryans are descend from the Nordic Viking, so it would be fitting.)

  5. 1:06 what the fuck do you mean no one's born a viking??! Go read a book before making crappy incorrect trailers. Also the voice actress sucks.

  6. Looks clunky, the character run silly; motion looks fake a irritating… Graphics look okay…. Not breathtaking Just ok… The game comes across cheap…!!


    Bethesda game studios – PLEASE make a Viking GAME!!! Like Skyrim….. 🙂

  7. Trailer is worse than the actual game. The setting is pretty atmospheric. Playing "war of the vikings" after 300 hours of "war of the roses" feels like the difference between driving a car and a motorcycle. Knowing how to parry from "war of the roses" will definitely help you survive in vikings once you figured out the basics there. Sadly most servers are somehow laggy and won't even allow you to parry in time 'cause your opponent will have hit you before the animation shows you. :/ I don't think it's worth the full price but if you like roses you might wanna give it a try. Moreover I consider roses to be the better game for beginners as gameplay is much less dynamic and blows can usually be parried (maybe not as much fun but better to teach you the system). And here's a tip for you if you wanna buy vikings… DON'T PURCHASE THE BERSERKER CUSTOM CLASS! DON'T! Don't be as stupid as me. Spend your money on something useful. If you're a girl you might wanna buy the shield maid whatever bullshit crap class (dunno). If server's are empty join one and players will be attracted like flies to a shit pile (personal experience). ^^

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