Titanfall: Xbox One vs. Xbox 360 – Graphics Comparison

Titanfall on 360 was promised to be a first class experience. See how it stacks up to the Xbox One version.

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  1. I play both 1&2 and bought the 360 version at launch during the last year of 360 titles. The 360 is really washed out and gritty compared to T2, so the difference in games looks huge. Nice they cleaned it up on one, would just prefer it was backwards compatible or I'd get the one version of T1. As it stands you'd have to start from scratch leveling and achievements. T1 as it is has maybe less than a 100 players which badly mismatches teams but hell I love a challenge and T1 was tougher.

  2. Wow, it does not look bad at all. I forgot that a Xbox 360 port existed. Man… Looks way better than Black Ops 3 on 360. And here we are coming close to 9th gen consoles.

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