The Evil Within – It Will Live Gameplay Trailer

Take a look at this gameplay trailer for The Evil Within, coming out the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on August 26, 2014.

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  1. Graphics are fine, no idea why so many people complain about it. I personally can't wait for this to come out get a really nice RE vibe from it!

  2. Graphics look really poor, especially if this footage was taken from PC or next gens. Also I don't get the argument some people have of 'good gameplay and story makes a game, not good graphics'. Sorry but we are in 2014, we've had amazing games since the 90s, heck even before that, today we can and should expect good graphics & good gameplay, especially when all games cost pretty much the same as each other.

  3. The ones who keep on bitching about this game the most, will probably be the ones who will be buying it anyway, so keep complaining bitches! This game is going to be awesome!!!

  4. Yeah, it doesn't look all that original. It's a bit all over the place instead of going for one, original style. This is exactly why Silent Hill used to be so utterly terrifying back in the day. It had a totally unique feel to it, none of us had ever played anything like it. They designers had a vision, and they NEVER compromised.

    I remember one particular section of Silent Hill 2 at the end, where you basically ran one, long corridor for what seemed like minutes, without nothing happening. It was a conscious choice from the designer to force you into the right state of mind. You just don't see these things in video games much anymore, everything is so streamlined and watered out in order to appeal to the masses. And in the process of course you lose out on what made the games special to begin with.

    I'm still quite positive about this game though. I think Mikami has some tricks up his sleeve. His timing is good as well, I think a lot of people are starving for a proper horror adventure these days.

  5. Yall just some haters aint even played the game and already criticizing it its from the dude who made resident evil aure the are references from other games but lets remember last silent hill and resident evil sucked ass but im sure this will be a good one plus im sure there are still touch ups so quit ur yapping about graphics

  6. I am hoping this is the next dead space. Would be amazing to have another good horror game. So tird of resident evil and it's attempt to create a call of duty gears of war hybrid

  7. Ok I heard a lot of bitching about the graphics not being as good as other games. But consider the alternative. This could just as easily have been a pre rendered game trailer like aliens colonial marines or more recently watch dogs. I’m glad they’re showing it for what it is, that shows they have faith in their product and aren’t hiding behind smoke and mirrors.
     And on top of that this could be shots from a year ago that they through together, and if it’s not, then adding more texture is not the hardest thing to do in game development.
    The graphics in Killzone shadow fall are amazing. But will I buy it, hell no because the gameplay and story is bland. I play the shit out of Minecraft why? Because its fun, and it’s just a bunch of squares. And some of the beast games that came out last gen are indie games not triple A titles with the most expensive visuals behind them. 
    If polished graphics is what’s stopping you from buying a game then you’re playing for the wrong reasons.             

  8. I'm not someone who picks and prods at things like graphical fidelity in games but the textures here are bad. It's been next-gen, and this game still isn't coming out 'till August. Again, I'm not someone who judges games primarily on their visuals but good Lord, LOOK AT THAT HAIR AND FINGERS AT 0:47. THAT IS PS2 HAIR AND FINGERS, GOD DAMN IT!

  9. Put your money where your mouth is CulturalFiend. Trashing a trailer makes you an internet boss. Puff that chest, all 105 lbs. of your bad-self.

  10. Seriously people? "er herp derp only fer PS2?! Omgwtfbbqsauce graphics look like poo!" Who the hell cares? I don't so long as the game is good. If graphics bother you that much then simply do not purchase the game. 

  11. Hey, is it just me or does the detective being placed on the guillotine at 0:59 look like Dr. Oliver Thredson from American Horror Story: Asylum?

  12. the idiots who comes here moaning have never played resident evil the early resident evil games are amazing but they got crap graphics but resident evil 6 sucks but has good graphics

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