The Elder Scrolls Online – Review

The Elder Scrolls Online immerses you in its intricate quests and fantasy landscapes, only to undercut its strengths at every turn.

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  1. Anyone got a rough idea what the matchmaking/grouping system will be like for the console versions of this game? Just want to know how tedious and laborious the game could potentially be. How easy is it to join groups/guilds/factions with others and then complete challenges/quests/missions together?

  2. And another wowkiller bitew the dust. People will never learn that the only thing that can beat Blizzard's masterpiece is Blizzard itself

  3. I love the ESO Series, Ive not played that many But from what ive played, Its a great concept of a game, It really brings me in, And makes me feel like Im the main character for example: The dragonborn, Skyrim, After 4 years time, Is still my favourite game, Not one, But ''The One'' Its a great game, But ESO, Is It worth It? Since they removed the monthly payouts?

  4. Design was just as mmorpg style. WIth dIfferent developers, I had low anticipation when I saw that cinematic trailer, it was no way in the immersion of Bethesda. But this isn't a complaint, I play for experience-action so mmorpgs is not my thing.

  5. I dont understand why ppl hate teso, its a better skyrim, teso has a good combat, not the best but better than skyrim combat, has a good lore, i must say its a amazing story telling and a great quest, its lack a little in the mmo part but that doesnt say u cant do quest with friends, and u can do dungeons and raids with friends to, the only problem are the bugs and the issius but thats has being fixed alot.

  6. When I learned TES 6 was going to be an MMO it literally made me sad. I was expecting it to be the same style as Skyrim, but it just lacks the depth. Hopefully the next installment in the series will be like Skyrim.

  7. When the game first came out, yes it was crap. But now they have made it ALOT better then its first release, making Free to play (subscription wise of course).

  8. I figured it out….
    I've seen a ton of these knee-jerk "reviews" of ESO, and 1 thing has become clear… These "Reviewers" don't know what they are doing and this affects their outlook… The bottom line is: L2P!
    Although Elder Scrolls Online has several traits of an MMO, playing it as a pure MMO is insane… While you may consider yourself a "hardcore" gamer, if you are only "casually" interested in dialogue, books and raw materials in ESO, you are only a "casual" ESO player… If that's youre playstyle, you'll succeed hopefully, but ESO will not be as much fun for you because ESO has an expansive map which is boring if you can only button-mash your way through… If you immerse yourself in the stories… experience the fine voice acting… read the books… take a hardcore line to gathering information… strategize a way to accomplish your goal (I have completed quests without killing any enemies beside the boss…) WITHOUT trying to "Hulk SMASH" all of youre enemies… you'll have a more rewarding time….

  9. LOL, A review of ESO put out 3 weeks after it launched? Seriously?? Every (not most, not almost all…) EVERY complaint you have has been fixed… Any review that is prior to going B2P and the Champion point system is inaccurate and should be pulled off of YouTube… After the free update that drops with the Thieves Guild DLC, any review done before 2016 should be pulled… Group finder 2.3, and cross-alliance grouping, FTW

  10. Okay, I have read most of your comments. It's pretty much 50/50. And I see a lot of Skyrim hate/love. I have payed from Morrowind on, and I have to say,people that love Morriwind,Oblivion,and the earlier games kinda felt like they dumbed down Skyrim so that more action oriented players instead of true RPG players would buy the game. And it worked,sold like hotcakes. But now we come to an MMORPG. Most Skyrim players are wanting a sequel-which is NOT how the Elder Scrolls universe works.There was no Daggerfall 2,Oblivion 2 or wtf ever. This game is an MMO. If you have never played WoW, LOTR,KOTOR, and you have only played Skyrim-this game is not for you. Wait for the next installment of the single player experience which is in the works. This game is for people like me,who have played WoW,and all the other MMOs and thought-man it would be awesome to have an Elder Scrolls MMO! Finally it has come,and if you love MMOS,it is a great game, in a wonderful world enveloped in the Elder Scrolls realm. The bugs have been fixed,and it is an awesome experience. Behtesda never puts out a shit game,and that includes this one. So if you can open your mind to and open world experience with OTHER players,those that love Skyrim, might just find a new game to love. just my two cents.

  11. If you like to play Barbies, this game has tons of outfits and towns to show them off in!!! You'll spend hours and hours running around, and back and forth, in a world that keeps getting more and more expensive! If you want the right outfit you'll have to fork over a fortune for the small expansions, just to be able to get that one outfit you have to make yourself!!! It will only take about a year to research traits needed to DIY your outfit! If your into punishments for succeeding your in for a thrill! Or you can join a guild and mooch gear, what fun! Oh, there are a few quests, tons of glitches/NPC delays, the usual player abuse, and you just have to remaster an entire keyboard!!! just make sure your rich! Btw, you can have several characters, so you can add Midge, Ken, Allen, Skipper, Francie and several more of her friends or relatives! There's even Dream Houses!!!! Can you believe it!

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