Heroes & Generals – Wars Aren't Won by Tanks Alone Trailer

Check out the latest trailer for Heroes & Generals.

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  1. Well its not won by tanks alone, but i receive so many complaints from new guys about there are too many tanks in one map, and when you just start out you dont have any way other than hoping they find an anti tank weapon on the map to take out the tanks. but great video!

  2. really have much love for the game the things i love :
    stalinium Panthers u cant pen em
    Planes camping paras
    snipers camping spawns
    high explosive Shell's
    the amazing poeple calling everyone noob in a match and above all at rambos

  3. looks like a good game besides horrible fucking matchmaking, and th fact that if you want to use any high tier gear you have to pay real money to use it. the game is fun for a few gours usinc starter gear but gets boring after that. donf even mention fucking anti tank infrantry, they blow tanks up with 2 grenades. of course wars dont get won by tanks if they get blown up by grenades

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