EXCLUSIVE – The Sound of Alien: Isolation

In this exclusive insider video Creative Assembly shows that when you’re hiding in the dark, what you can hear might just be the key to your survival.

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  1. Absolute toss for what will be yet another disappointment and over-priced (compared to its peers).  The game out of all the Aliens Games that received most plaudits for its sound was, guess what AvP on the Atari Jaguar, why? Because there was no money wasted on a fucking orchestra.  You had the immersive hum of the ship and background noise, that was it. It may have been due to financial limitations but, now widely believed to be a moment of genius.  It will not be more atmospheric than that.  The one constant should be environmental sound, no change whether being hunted or undertaking a mundane task, the constant drone is there.  To insert music at critical times, for me, would destroy the atmosphere completely, this is not a movie, this is a game, you are not watching Sigourney Weaver, it is meant to be you!

  2. I just hope they make a similar game for the PREDATOR franchise and make you start up in the jungle, or the city (Like in P2) and hunt down the Predator in the First-Person view, or to escape from him when possible.

    I'm a HUGE fan of that franchise so I hope you guys think about it in the future! 🙂

  3. Out of everything shared so far from the developers I find this to be the most promising aspect. The fact alone that the developers put together their own orchestra (along with some who worked with Jerry Goldsmith on the original Alien film) is very promising.

  4. Amazing. I think it will be a survival-horror in the literal sense of the term ! So creepy to see that alien coming right at us at the end of the video !

  5. That last clip! That is the kind of stuff I want to see in this game! Thinking you know where the alien is, keeping your distance only to turn around and find it to be standing RIGHT BEHIND YOU.

  6. This is THE score i always wanted to do myself 😀 Man i envy the sound guys / composer for this opportunity. I have played the whole game. The sound was outstanding. It perfectly matched with the situations. Adaptive audio worked perfectly here. The pulse sound when the tension increases is just … WOW! The music is perfect when it comes to really "serve" the pictures. Thats something which isnt seen that often IMO. Love this 😀

  7. I'm playing this in Oculus Rift. Most incredible gaming experience ever. There is nothing like this anywhere. You really feel like you're there. Wildly intense. I can only play for about 2 hours at a time because my adrenaline is over the top by the point and I'm shaky. In VR this game delivers. Massively.

  8. I just finished the game (I’m 7 years late I know) and safe to say I shit myself from start to finish but oh my, it’s one of the best games I’ve ever played and the score made the scary atmosphere even better!

  9. I think the Alien sounded great but what really drew me in was the space walk, the sound of fragments scraping across your suit, machines whirring up and the sharp creak of levers and cranks being pulled, it’s so…rough, abrasive and brutal, it’s cold, unrefined, and realistic

  10. Did you notice that some of the sounds in Alien Isolation and obviously Alien 1979 movie are also in Ridley Scott's Blade Runner from 1982?

    I truly think the art and the design in this game/movie is something out of this world and it should really be noticed a little more. All the fonts are great, the lights on the electronic parts, the computers.

    If there was to be a Blade Runner game made, this team should be the one doing it.

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