Evolve – The Goliath has Evolved! – Preview

Shaun and Chris talk about their time with Evolve at PAX East 2014 detailing the new skill point system of the Goliath class.

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  1. I feel like this will be a boring game. Yeah the first few games will be fun , but if there is no story and its only 4 vs 1 , it will get old really fast.

  2. How sad… This looks like someone decided they loved the Monster Hunter and Lost Planet series so much, that they decided to "evolve" it to what I would say is a cheap knock off. However, I look forward to this game! Finally the hunter can actually be hunted… By something other than an AI ha!

  3. I don`t get it! So you can evolve only by eating other npc monsters or is there some kind of xp system like in Dota where you get xp for certain actions and you level up automaticly?

  4. The goliath should have minions that work alongside it but are terrible in comparison and have respawns. I feel the game is very narrow at the moment with what you can do.

  5. Very true, firetool. I guess I'm still a little upset they won't release a next-gen Monster Hunter game anytime soon… :/ But, seriously, guys and gals, so excited for the game as its like playing my favorite PSP/DS… Only way better graphic and a lot more tense lol! Oh, and I know its not a cheap rip off 🙂 I just thought it reminded me a lot of Monster Hunter. So, thanks to my years of experience (and many, many failures ha!) I'm going to do some pawning; After I lose a few hundred games ha!

  6. Will this be on pc? if so then cant wait to play it in custom servers, 3 monsters 12 players!
    Left4dead2 on pc have custom servers that allow up to 30 players in game so 12v12 or 24 on campaign expert, more zombies,infected zombies,tanks, cant wait for evolve to do the same….

  7. They only made it so poor players don't shy away from a certain monster because they can't play well using the beginning abilities and the appropriate strategies.

    So clueless

  8. i want a monster that can fly god damnit. tired of all the games giving us a glide like motion. we need some flight.

  9. i must say i feel bad for the monster. four over powered hunters coming in to his home beating him into a bloody bony mess

  10. this game seem amazing , the tinng is they only gonna be 3 monsters before they lauch dlc and than the new medic lazarus heal teamate in 2 second thats so fucking unfair for te monster …..

  11. King kong dlc
    Godzilla dlc… wait thats too overpowered
    Arctic leviathan dlc
    Tarantula dlc
    Pegasus dlc kawaii
    Mole dlc
    Wyrm dlc
    Scorpio dlc
    Megalodon dlc
    Sandstorm dlc :3
    Hades dlc
    Minotaur dlc
    Cerberus dlc
    Poseidon dlc
    Zeus dlc
    Salamnder dlc
    Exotoxin dlc
    Gamma dlc (hulk)
    Slender dlc (slenderman)
    Dracula dlc
    Lycan dlc
    If all of these were renamed and remodelled how cool would it be?
    If you like any of these like the comment and leave a comment if you think which one is the coolest and which one you think should be added…
    You dont have to if you dont want but do it 4 the cookie
    And if you can think of more feel free to leave a comment.

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