Dark Souls II – Graphics Comparison – PC Preview [1080p]

Check out how Dark Souls II for the PC stacks up against its console equivalents, pre-release footage, and the original Dark Souls with texture mods.

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  1. I can't agree with any of this, the first dark souls(in my own opinion) has much better graphics. I feel as though I'm playing some old diablo game when I get on dark souls II. I actually wish they had kept the old styles. I felt much more comfortable in the undead parish, without any modification. And PC…. Stop complaining about graphics and bragging thy yours are better. Play the game like everyone else looking for the story rather than if the lighting is the slightest bit off of what you wanted. Your graphics are fine calm

  2. Can't wait to see what the graphics and texture mods for DS2 will make it look like. For the beastly enough computers you could probably get a similar lighting system to prerelease as well and have torches no longer be pointless.

  3.    As far as i'm truly concerned, dark souls is about the story and how the game handles, with graphics being one of the least important features, but it can give  atmosphere to a game such as DeS, DkS1 and 2 so it is a reviewed topic for me. The biggest complaint (and probably the only) i have is the armor shading and textures.

       I shall say this is why, compare dark souls 1, to 2 as far as armor rendition and their overall look and the biggest difference for me is the shading, textures, and the glorious cloth physics (GLORIOUS). the easiest 4 examples i have of direct comparison are the warriors set, knights set, elite knight set, and havels set (not including the pardoners set mainly because they're only true difference is G.C.P. glorious cloth physics).

       to start it off, the warrior set compared to pates it just simply flatter in color, not where near the lighting detail. the elite knight set is practically the same, save for the EXTRA shiny metallic pieces. if they kept the old texture, it would have fit with many other armor aesthetically (but not TRULY important). Secondly, the knight set seemed to have been dulled down as far as the metallic look to it, making it seem more like a plastic-esce material (faraam set and havels set suffer from this plastic-esce look). Lastly havels set looks just plain worse in my honest opinion, the material looks like shiny plastic almost, not made of rock, and the fine detailing the set had in DkS1 have all but disappeared.

       And i think i can attribute all this entirely to the games lighting system itself. When directly comparing Dark souls 1 to 2, the biggest difference is that contrast between shadows and light is almost non existent (but not gone, there are some time when it comes up, but only with torches or in high contrast areas).

       And i think that when you look in the e3 videos of pre-DkS2, that is present, the high contrast lighting effects to give you character depth as well as mirth. But to the dismay of resource adjustment, dark souls 2 became less, well… dark for lack of better words.

       This does not however besmirch DkS2 completely, it's still a great game with immense re-playability, and definitely going on my top 20 game shelf! it's just some hyped armors (FARAAM damnit…mostly the helm though…) were just blehed by their lighting to me, and looked like plastic armor! D:

  4. why did the developers even bother with creating all those graphics, objects and ENB if they would remove them later anyway?
    Pc version should have the pre-release settings.
    Or they should offer them in a free DLC or something.

  5. I've already beaten Demon's Souls 100%, great franchise. Guys, which one is the better version of Dark Souls? Prepare to die edition or the console versions?

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