AMD: Can you Build a Gaming PC on a Console Budget

Can an inexpensive gaming PC made from AMD parts compete with an Xbox One or PlayStation 4?

How did the Intel / INVIDIA build do? Check it out:

There’s no debating that a souped-up gaming PC will outperform an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 any day of…

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  1. Is the Xbox one really $550 with US sales tax??? The Xbox one is $500. Also did all those price tags include shipping fees and tax as well?? Because you counted US taxes on the Xbox one so did you do the same for these PC parts as well as the shipping fees??

  2. Any plans on digging up this computer again? IMHO, i think using this PC would be better for the PS4/XBONE/PC comparison videos since it would be a lot more informative for those on entry level or mid-range hardware than "$400 console vs PC i can never afford"

  3. Next in 2021.
    Make a video about building a Gaming Pc similar to the ps5.

    PS5: Native 4k 120fps in 550 bucks.
    Gaming pc: 1080p 120fps at 600 bucks.

  4. I remember watching this almost everyday back in 2015 when I was about to build my own PC, using my own money. (I ended up with an i5-3570k + gtx960 by the end of 2015)

    Now, I'm on my path to building an all AMD pc, but not as console killer but more of an overall upgrade to my gaming experience (currently have r5-3600 + gtx1070, planning on rx6000 series when GPU prices normalize)

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