2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil – Review

Is 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil a cynical cash-in, or has it got the skills to take home the trophy?

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  1. The graphics looks horrible 2010 South Africa World Cup Game was so much more epic and Amazing it's like EA went cheaper on making an epic game, If I had to compare 2014 FIFA World Cup game to 2010 FIFA World Cup Game 2010 would win for sure, this is just terrible from EA

  2. This game should of came out on ps4 and xone , it would of looked far more appealing and nicer since it's ment to be a colourful game , it's practically a reskinned fifa 14 . Waste of money

  3. I like the game it's cool to be able to play against other teams besides the ones they normally give you on other FIFA games. I am having fun trying to qualify to the World Cup with USA lol

  4. EA have completely fucked up this game don't waste your time buying it, they celebrate the finals like fucking retards, no mouth movement they celebrate with no face expressions. only 19 official managers and yet you have 32 teams going to the world cup, not just that, "plenty of classic kits" yeah 4 for just one fucking country and thats only england, spain, germany, france, and the stories of qualifying shit is also only for which teams i have said before.Opening game is with croatia and you get no official licensed coach. Gameplay has barely improved/changed from 14. This game could be ported to the PS Vita and next gen but Nooooo. Fuck You EA, You's are nothing but a pile of shit! You have completely fucked up the game. All the previous World Cup games were amazing felt like i was part of it, now im close to breaking the fucking disc.Never buying another FIFA game again! >:(

  5. This is a horrendous review. Have they even played the game on professional? It's stupidly hard, even sliders can't stop some of the crap that happens in this game! I love how he says…the goalkeepers have been given a stat boost to stop the scores getting out of hand…goes on to beat Brazil 13-0. Why don't you just go out and full on suck EA off. Let's tell the truth here. You gave it a good review because if you gave it a bad one the free game copies you get given will suddenly stop going your way…

  6. Surprisingly positive considering the criticism this game has endured.
    Really hope Euro 2016 is on next-gen consoles!!

  7. i dont understand why they couldnt have done the same thing like in fifa 12 where you could just buy the UEFA expansion pack for like 20 dollars. If they did that with the world cup version i totally would have bought this

  8. Movement is terrible. Ball control is so bad it's like playing with a beach ball. Custom rosters won't work in the World Cup mode (at least for me) . Very disappointed

  9. Gamespot got this one ALL WRONG. This game is far superior gameplay wise to Fifa 14. Fifa 14 in both Next gen and Old Gen is a very weak borderline unplayable game. It is plagued by very easily exploitable tactics such as Overpowered headers, Overpowered Crosses, Overpowered Lob passes, Overpowered Full-Court Press etc etc etc. The game has so many gameplay issues IN BOTH VARIATIONS (Next gen and Old Gen). 

    He said that this version is less realistic. That is a complete lie. I can tell that he barely played the game for maybe 2-3 hours and went ahead and made a video. All those things mentioned above have been addressed. Believe me I'm no fan of EA. But what I hate even more is when people who don't know anything about a game go and review it. You need to go back and actually play both games. 

    Here's the reality of it. Game modes are better on Fifa 14. Gameplay is wayyyyyyyyyy better on World Cup 2014. It's not even close. Ever since this game came out I haven't even touched my Xbox One. It just sits there collecting dust. And it will continue to do so until Fifa 15 comes out because Fifa 14 is dead to me. A very weak game with so many problems. 

  10. The footage in this review is misleading as fuck. The way the AI move in the video can only point to it being on Amateur difficulty. If you want a true indication of the game ramp it up to Professional or harder. I mean come on, England 11-0 Germany? Argentina 9-0 Brazil? This is really disappointing gamespot, especially from a trusted reviewer like yourselves.

  11. Totally agreed 100%. A complete pile of poo! As bad and scripted as Fifa 14 with polished menus, that's all. Should be a DLC. Not worth the bucks at all… EA FAILED AGAIN!

  12. This game is no where near as good as fifa world cup south africa 2010 ps 3 dont believe these fake reviews, the first thing me and my brother noticed was how bad the graphics are compared to the first game then the game play it was not as fluent, i personally thought it looked like a ps 2 game but the ps 2 games were better the pitch felt too small the boards on display at the back are not the same as the world cup 2014 brazil rio world cup ones the graphics looked dated like player shoes are not up to date the angle its being displayed at does not look that good as well   

  13. you've gotta be kidding… brazilians with the argentinians shirts. Seriously? do some research and don't be so lazy, model crowd accordingly at least

  14. bye brazil league in fifa15 nevermore in fifa botafogo, gremio, santos, palmeiras, gremio etc etc maybe aregntina league could be following the same steps in fifa, ea every time more horrible company you deserve going to hell and remain there for eternity in punishment with fire and brimstone.

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