Tropico 5 – Cinematic Teaser Trailer

Ever wondered how El Presidente first set foot on the island paradise of Tropico? Find out in this cinematic trailer for Tropico 5.

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  1. Dictator uniform like that hasn't yet been introduced in the days of Pirates. there was… indeed Tropico set in the age of Caribbean Pirates.
    An English RN Captain speaking modern Londoner English? AFAIK this accent has been introduced some years AFTER The Thirteen Colonies won its revolution war against the British Empire and became the United States of America. they should either spoeak Virginian or GenAm accent instead 😛 and in addition… how did the people in the days of Blackpowder and muzzleloading weapons recognize a nuclear weapon detonator remote control or any devices introduced some TWO CENTURIES after their time? don't say that the muskets these redcoats wield was actually a modern assault rifle and not a generic Brown Bess?

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