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The Music of Batman: Arkham Knight

The composer for Rocksteady’s Arkham games talks about his new co-composer and approach to the soundtrack of Arkham Knight.

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  1. Still dull and bland. He's a much better sound designer than a 4th rate Hans Zimmer. Bear McCreary, Greg Edmonson, Chris Tilton, or Christopher Lennertz can get that same dark sound, inventive orchestration, AND something interesting/bigger than Arundel can with the same resources.

  2. I hope the main theme of the game sounds a lot like Arkham City's. The combat and predator music for Arkham City was great as well and if it's similar to that in Arkham Knight then my wish will be fulfilled.

  3. I'm happy they're sticking with the same general theme. Arkham City's soundtrack is one of my favorite video game soundtracks ever

  4. Where can i find all the ambients? Like the tension ambients, for example when you're just running and walking around ace chemicals when trying to stop the gas explosion, or when harley quinn captures the movie theater, they're badass and i found them to be the bests along with the predator ones.

  5. A music can change lives, how you look to something or specially how you feel.
    This game has numerous and numerous musics that make you feel things you never expected.
    you guys are awesome.

  6. what music in arkham knight sounds when the joker is kidnapped by two face, penguin and the riddler, and they talk in front of the joker, before he wakes up and starts the jokermobile episode?

  7. I played the game ( Arkham Knight ) – 4x times over , I just realized how underrated and how good the music is in this game – it is nothing short of amazing, now when I look at ANY BatMan franchise, I hear his music in the back of my mind. AMAZING. Loved it.

  8. Can anyone tell me what is the keyboard model he's playing on? I'm a game developer looking at some MIDI controllers to start a little music studio,

  9. you didn't need to redo songs for the whole game. there is almost no original music in knight all remixes and plain copies

  10. Every Arkham game (except Origins, which had a different composer) always had that one track which took your breath away. Asylum had "Stealthy Bat", a milestone of Arundel's and Fish's which became as iconic of the first game as it became the template for the rest. City had the main theme, which underscored the panic and despair during Protocol 10 as it played during the cold slaughter of the inmates while Batman had to decide if he was going to chase after his love or save the ones being killed.
    And Knight had "Inner Demon"; which told us that it was now time to burst out into tears as we were being told that this was the end, both of Batman's existence in the Arkham universe (through self-sacrifice on several occasions) as well as the fact that it was the final game.

    One final note I will make is how I marvel at the fact that Arundel made sure to have the signature theme from Arkham Asylum in "Stealthy Bat" incorporated in these following two tracks, giving the whole series a sense of continuation but in different forms. Masterfully done.

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