The Arkham Knight and the New Batmobile – Batman: Arkham Knight Interview

We talk to Dax Ginn of Rocksteady Studios to ask who the Arkham Knight really is and check out the new and improved Batmobile.

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  1. If Arkham Knight was playable I would imagine he would play a lot like Batman, but it would feel like the game is on easy mode since you can use guns.

  2. the arkham knight would make a way better playable character then Harly Quinn. i still think despite what Rocksteady have said about this guy that he is Jason Todd. he raminds me of the suit he wore in Battle for the Cowl

  3. Arkham Knight Theory after todays/yesterdays info blowout

    The Arkham knight gives me a sort of Dark Knight's Bane feel(Without the "Want to destroy filthy Gotham" scheme but the "Organized tactics, intimidating etc ) but with the look of Deathstroke. Notice in some screenshots you see people with the same thing he is wearing but without the heavy duty armour but sporting the same "A" for Arkham on there shirts. If my theory is correct im guessing the Arkham soldiers were probably hired mercs sent to help gotham by "Any means" and the "Arkham Knight" is the leader of this group but since he wants to "Destroy" the villains instead of save them..this is where He and Batman have a disagreement not to mention this is literally a terrorist attack so killing is a definite order the government would give. Another theory i have is that he is built up guilt,regret,sadness and what Bruce might possibly see himself ass after SPOILER AHEAD the shock of Talia and Jokers Demise SPOILER OVER.  There is also an interview stating the Arkham knight is supposed to be a rival in terms combat expertise,strength and power…just my thoughts.

    Remember he is "New" so it cant be anyone we saw but expect Hush's scheme and Azrael's prophecy come to light in some way during this game. Sounds fucking epic to me since AK looks badass and this is supposed to be a personal story during the grand scheme of things so bring on the bats!

  4. Love the idea of rolling through the streets in the batmobile, and jumping out freely in a combat sequence. Rocksteady Studios will be a big contender in future I believe.

  5. I have a few theories on who it is: 1. Jason Todd, because we havent seen him yet and killing criminals is what he does.
    2. Damian Wayne, this is his revenge on criminals for his moms death.
    3. Some sort of joker-batman hybrid clone because of all the Cadmus shit from Harley's Revenge.

  6. I'm going to be honest, this "Arkham" series is getting kinda old and it's bothering me that "Next Gen" is getting this game exclusively (with the execption of PC) and hopefully if I get a computer in time when this game drops I really wanna try it…I wanted to like Arkham Orgins but it felt as if Orgins was a bit overwhelmed for nothing don't get me wrong I'm excited but…ugh…I dunno I think other characters in the DC Nation needs up rising like this…

  7. Alright so does the game involves all villains working together to take down the city or they are like taking one part of city and another villain takes the other?, Question : Is there a new suit?, Is Robin going to join in the fight?, What kind of gear does Batman has?

  8. It can't be red hood bc joker killed Jason and with joker died he probably thinks batman did it for him. Plus rocksteady said its a brand new character. I'll give an opinion, I think it's scarecrow messing with batman's head with an improve toxin and he fighting a dark reflection of himself. Or maybe it's the spirit of Amadeus arkham possessing somebody to cleanse Gotham.

  9. Its just so strange the games called arkham knight and it isnt batman. I just cant get over how weird that is. Gunna be crazy good though no doubt

  10.  it  is a shame its not going to wii u games like this sale systems im not a dev but i think the biggest reason its not coming to wii u has nothing to do with graphic capability's but memory problems 2gb vs 8 gb is a huge difference in game making  

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