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The Animation of Batman: Arkham Knight

The lead animator on Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Knight talks about what’s changing in the new game and their new approach to the mocap process.

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  1. Wats hadnin can Anybody tel me Wat is New Game plus??i play dat n Ascension i got to keep Most weapons wich is great but is da Game hopefully Easier??im curious so i kno Wat to xpect wen i c dat Agin New game plus n plus +??

  2. I have a question… in Arkham City, Clayface was knocked into Lazarus Pit.. he COULD pose as Joker again…. and back to my question: Is Clayface immortal now?? 

  3. I hope they remove batmans stupid unrealistics fighting moves. Like where he flys across one side of the room to strike an enemy abd back again like hes friggin superman

  4. I would love to be in the mo-cap actor's shoes. Having the ability to "be" Batman and using Kevin Conroy's voice as a guide. I'd have so much fun doing that.

  5. The series is incredible, but one nitpick I've noticed  is the occasional off put cutscene that makes for awkward situations, like when Joker gives Batman the chance to kill him with a Batarang early in Asylum after he beats the first Titanized henchman, or at towards the end of City when Batman tells Ra's he "will. stop him.". I hope none of that is in this game

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