Sony's Project Morpheus vs Oculus Rift: How do they compare? – GS Breakdown

Peter got a chance to test Sony’s new VR headset at GDC 2014. He compares it to Oculus and talks about the future of VR.

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  1. im 13 now and when im 21 or something like that
    i will never leave my gaming setup
     if this fails and it doesnt come out before im 30 or something
    im gonna cry

  2. i was lucky to get oculus dk 1 . 170€ only. im sure they will not relise consumer products. btw if morpheos will come out about 10000000years later will cost 1000€.

  3. everyone is saying that morpheus is shit just becuase is console exclusive and not pc… really pc fanboys if you guys are really gamers stop fucking saying pc is better and just fucking enjoy what both worlds haves to offer .l.

  4. No way project Morpheus wont be a waste of time. Vr games are only fun when games are build specifically for them. all I see it doing is being a tv right in your face that gives you eye strain. its going to flop harder then Kinect

  5. how long do you think it will take after their release for someone to die? you know idiot is going to cross the road with this on lol

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