Skyrim Batman gets high and tattooed – Top 5 Skyrim Mods of the Week

Kevin VanNord and Batman get high on catnip and covered in tattoos. That’s just what happens when the world’s greatest warrior meets the world’s greatest detective.

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Check out GTA…

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  1. Legends say that when the mighty Kevin VanNord walked into town with his mystical tattoos the was a great flood……and lots of panties….

  2. Everyone needs to speak to Bethesda like in an Email saying body tattoos need to be added to the next Elder Scrolls character creation

  3. please Seb n Cam stop linking steam mods. they are often free mods sold for profit and a vast majority of skyrim modders prefer nexus. if im not mistaken so do you? love the show KEEP ON MODDING!!! 😀

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