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Keeping Arkham Knight's Gameplay Fresh

Game director Sefton Hill talks about the additons to the next Batman’s gameplay and how he hopes it will energize the next entry.

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  1. Bring the martial artist in from Origins.  Of the new(ish) enemies that WBM designed, that was easily the best, but also was criminally underutilized.  It was nice to see Batman take on a more elegant combatant.

    Also, stop bitching about Origins.  Contrary to the douchewagon that's riding around, it DID NOT destroy the franchise, it just filled in the time |b| Arkham City and Knight, and did a good job in the relatively small amount of dev time it was given.

  2. i wasnt particularly happy with Origins but i did like the introduction of the Batcave it would be cool if Batman:AK would add that it would 10 times better because its actually finished and polished unlike origins since it was when he first started

  3. Origins was not a bad game; if it was the first in the series you would have absolutely been voting it as game of the year and all that. Its problem is that it didn't innovate enough from the originals, but the originals were so good that it wasn't really that much of a problem. 

  4. This guy is a complete genius! Im so glad he directed the arkham series. Arkham city is my favorite batman story to date. Imo arkham asylum and arkham city are some of the best games of all time.

  5. Game developers need to team up with movie studios seriously. The visuals in the cg is so good and the stories are better than half the crap out there.

  6. What I loved about Arkham City is how they're WHOLE city felt relevant. LOADED with easter eggs, or mission related. May have been a small area but no matter where you were there was always something worth seeing. But with Arkham Origins it was a huge game that felt SO empty.

  7. I hate it how they made all their other batman games on current gen and then they give the last game for next gen like wth (-_-)

  8. I am a fan of batman. But this one does not look like BATMAN.. this badass personality matches with Tony Stark in the Ironman suit.. batman arkham city was the best so far in this series.. keeping my fingers crossed hoping this one will not end up being only a action game.. common, he is batman.. stealth is very important in my opinion..  

  9. One thing that I am very skeptical about this game is the batmobile. IMO we should be able to beat the game without using the batmobile once. I highly doubt that will happen.

  10. I hope Rocksteady makes a video game franchise for a different DC hero since this is their last Batman game. I'd like to see possibly Green Arrow or Nightwing or someone like them. Or maybe a hero with superpowers. That would be cool too.

  11. I think they should have added the batbike on arkham origins
    Well not rocksteady,Because they didnt make the game,but WB should have done this

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