How Wolfenstein: The New Order is Keeping It Old-School

Daniel Hindes goes hands-on with Wolfenstein: The New Order to discover that a new regime can’t topple the Wolfenstein 3D’s old-school sensibilities.

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  1. This is a silly review…you really criticized the fact that you have a bunch of weapons and its not realistic because they can't carry it?

    it wasn't the focus of your review, but comments like that completely turned me off to this review

  2. You're a fuckhead it's an unreal game, I can't fault it at all, the main character is fucking insane!. He better not be dead, if they don't make another one with him I'll be so furious

  3. The best thing about "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" was the multiplayer …….now they made a new wolfenstein game without a multiplayer?? They just went from Good to Worse….

  4. Clearly this idiot doesn't know his Wolfenstein.

    Wolfenstein 3D didn't get a sequel, only a prequel (Spear of Destiny, which also got a couple of sequels to that in the form of mission packs).

    As far as I know, this is the new timeline, which starts with 2001's Return to Castle Wolfenstein, followed up by 2009's Wolfenstein, then 2015's Wolfenstein: the Old Blood, then 2014's Wolfenstein: the New Order.

  5. Well besides the Nazi killing and the perk system the game also broke my heart with the storyline. I haven't experienced that in a FPS before

  6. You can't call every german soldier in WW2 Nazi you just can't do it . Not every german Soldier is a Nazi . They where just normal soldiers . Most of them …

  7. lmao hitler says auf wiedersehen [not 100% sure on that spelling im not great at german] which means goodbye lol you would thing that someone so evil would have cooler last words

  8. The New Order might be what happened if BJ did not acquire the Spear of Destiny, in the older story, and the Germans would have the power to rule the world

  9. gamespot is good at times and comes up with some good funny stuff and such but games journalism is a joke 99.99999999% of the time atleast gamespot is decent at games unlike polygon and can give a decent opinion.

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